Letting Go: Decluttering Your Mind

Letting Go: Decluttering Your Mind

Have you ever intentionally done a mental cleanse? Do you even know what that means? In short, it means to let go of things cluttering your mind and clarity. The long version is the process of clearing your mind to help you find better focus and balance in your life. It’s all about taking a moment every single day to decompress and take a little time away from stressors, anxieties, and distractions you have on a daily basis.

But how?


💭 Breathing Exercises

💭 Stretches

💭 Screen Breaks

💭 Make a “let go” list

💭 Get outdoors

💭 Unfollow those who disturb your peace


Trying the activities above will help you to take steps towards detoxing mentally and get on the path of refocusing for the good. When all else fails just remember to protect your energy, peace, and joy by any means necessary.

Join Ebony Notes and friends for a 30-day Mental Cleanse Challenge.

Comment below ⬇ on how you plan to commit to a mental cleanse. Take a step further and share the Mental Cleanse challenge on your socials, friend.

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Social media is something that I heavily need to cleanse from, while reading, exercising and meditating a lot more in order to free my mind, body and spirit of all consuming things that are not beneficial or progressing to my life.


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