Manifesting a New Me: Getting Ready for a New Me in the New Year

Manifesting a New Me: Getting Ready for a New Me in the New Year

We’ve all had a tough past 2 years. With the worldwide pandemic, shutdowns, and more many of our worlds were rocked. I’m here to tell you that even though we are still in the middle of the mess, you can manifest what you want. I’m serious, anything you want… Looking for love? More money? A better job? The possibilities are endless.

You may be asking yourself, “what exactly is manifesting?” Manifesting is to focus one’s thoughts on a desire to make it a reality. To make it plain, it’s to actualize something that you want into existence. By being intentional about what you would like to manifest, you can manifest anything you want or desire.

Be Clear. Think about what you want and how you would feel if you actually received it. Are you ready for what you think you want to manifest? Once you are clear on what you want, make your intentions specific. The more specific you are the better. For example, say you want a better job. Think: Location, Salary, Duties, etc.

Write it Out. After you have a specific desire and you know exactly what you want put pen to paper. It is now time to ask the universe for what you want. Although this can be done in a number of different ways, start by writing it down. Frame it as a letter to the universe. You can also write it daily repeatedly. The 369 method is my favorite. This gem was discovered on TikTok. For the 369 method, write what you want to manifest down 3 times in the morning, then 6 times midday, and finally, 9 times at night. You can also put your manifestation in the universe with prayer, meditation, speaking it out loud, with a vision board, or putting it in a manifestation box.

Do the Work. Your manifestation will not see the light of day unless you take action. Going back to being clear, without clarity you will not know what steps you need to take towards your goal. Before you can do the work you must determine what steps must be taken. Take some time to determine what you must do and incorporate them into your daily routines. If you want to find love, for example, make yourself available and open to finding love by getting out into the dating pool. Make a point to attend social events on a weekly or monthly basis

Be Grateful. Practice gratitude for what the universe has already given you. Be thankful for what you receive on your journey. Change your mindset to being positive by letting go of any negative energy or self-doubt. Check your energy and the energy of those you surround yourself with regularly. Focus on activities that bring you joy and are beneficial to your wellness. Do not slack on self-care. Consider starting a gratitude journal.

Trust the Process. All things will come in due time. If you are doing your part, the rest is up to the universe. I suggest you stay ready and you will not have to get ready when the universe delivers.

What would you like to manifest?

✨ So you want to manifest love? Be more loving. Be open to new relationships. Love yourself. Be a person that is open to love. Add attendance to social events to your calendar.

 Need a little more kindness in your life? Focus your energy on empathy. Be more compassionate. Be kind towards others. Find local volunteer opportunities.

 Need more money? Focus on what you do have and not what you are lacking. Do not block your blessing with negative thoughts. Practice gratitude. If you have any coins to spare, open a savings account.

 Looking for better job opportunities? Network with those in the industry you are interested in. Practice interviewing. Explore opportunities to gain more experience.


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