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Breaking the Silence: Mental Health in the Black Community

Breaking the Silence: Mental Health in the Black Community

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Welcome to “Breaking the Silence: Mental Health in the Black Community,” an empowering video series presented by Ebony Notes Co. This series is part of our in-app event for Mental Health Awareness, dedicated to fostering open conversations and providing valuable insights on mental health within the Black community.  

Over five weeks, we delve into essential topics through expert-led discussions and practical advice. From understanding the basics of mental health to finding the right support, breaking down stigmas, and implementing effective self-care practices, our series offers guidance to help you navigate and improve your mental well-being. 

Each week focuses on a specific theme:      

  • Week 1: Understanding Mental Health
  • Week 2: Seeking Help
  • Week 3: Normalizing Mental Health Conversations
  • Week 4: Self-Care and Mental Health
  • Week 5: Sustaining Mental Health  

Join us on this journey to break the silence, uplift our community, and build a healthier, happier future together. Even after the event ends, all content will remain available in the app for ongoing support and reference.

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