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2024 Vision Board Kit | Your Path to Manifestation and Visual Excellence

2024 Vision Board Kit | Your Path to Manifestation and Visual Excellence

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Elevate your vision board experience with the 2024 Vision Board Kit – a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for creating a visually stunning and powerful manifestation of your dreams. Effortless, efficient, and premium, this kit is your key to transforming your aspirations into a tangible, inspiring vision board.

🌟 Premium Magazine: Immerse yourself in over 60 pages of inspiration, featuring 500+ graphics, quotes, word art, and beautiful images covering diverse topics such as lifestyle, business, entrepreneurship, career, love, travel, finances, self-care, aspirations, and self-development.

🌟 Revolutionary Vision Board Creation: Say goodbye to endless magazine searches. The Vision Board Starter Kit Box includes the Ebony Notes Vision Board Magazine, a poster board, reflection journal, marker, glue stick, and a manifestation notepad, streamlining your vision board creation process.

🌟 Effortless and Appealing: Cut your creation time in half with our premium high-quality materials. Craft a visually stunning vision board effortlessly and efficiently.

🌟 Comprehensive Package: Our kit includes manifesting pointers, a vision board checklist, and bonus items to enhance your vision in areas such as self-love, financial goals, and travel.


Your Vision Board Kit Includes:

1. Ebony Notes Vision Board Magazine

2. Poster Board

3. Manifestation Journal

4. Marker

5. Glue



Time-Saving: Cut down on the hours spent searching for the perfect visuals; everything you need is included.

Premium Quality: Craft a vision board using top-notch materials for a lasting and visually appealing result.

Guided Manifestation: Benefit from manifesting pointers and bonus items to enhance specific aspects of your life.


Join use for our Vision Board Virtual ExperienceSaturday, January 13, 2024 · 2pm CST

In-Person Event: TBA


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