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Vision Board Starter Kit Box Vol. 2

Vision Board Starter Kit Box Vol. 2

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Premium magazine: Over 60 Pages - Complete with 500+ Graphics, Quotes, Word Art and Beautiful Images for your vision board

Topics included: Lifestyle, Business, Entrepreneurship, Career, Love, Travel, Finances, Self-Care, Aspirations, Self Development & More!

The 2023 Vision Board Starter Kit Box will

  1. Cut your time in half while creating your vision board. You will no longer have to look through countless magazines to find the right inspiring words, art & images.
  2. Help You Create a Visually Appealing Vision Board

Your Vision Board Kit Includes
1. Ebony Notes Vision Board Magazine

2. Poster Board

3. Reflection Journal

4. Marker

5. Glue Stick

The magazine also includes a

+ Manifesting Your Vision Board Pointers

Vision Board Checklist

+ Bonus Items to enhance your vision in the areas of: Self love, financial goals, and travel


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