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Every Woman Digital Notebook

Every Woman Digital Notebook

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A digital notebook can be an amazing tool for taking notes or expressing your creativity. With this digital notebook, you get the convenience of being able to take your notes with you wherever you go. Plus, you get the added benefit of organizing your notes with the 9 linked tab pages. You can also easily access your notes from any device with Goodnotes (iOS) or Noteshelf (Android). Additionally, if you need to print out your notes, you can do that too! The vibrant cover makes it look great and can give you the inspiration to create. With a digital notebook, you get a unique and convenient way to take notes, organize your thoughts, and express your creativity.

This 160 page lined digital notebook has a vibrant cover and 9 linked tab pages. Works with Goodnotes (iOS), Noteshelf (Android), and many other digital note-taking apps.

Use on your tablet, phone, or print it out.

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