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Year in Pixels Printable

Year in Pixels Printable

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Use this printable goal, habit, or mood tracker to help you visualize how you're doing with a quick glance. Set what you'd like to track along with a color code key to help you identify how you are doing quickly.


Tracking habits can be incredibly beneficial for anyone looking to make positive changes in their life. It can help to keep you accountable and motivated, as it allows you to see patterns and progress in your behavior over time. It can also help you to identify any triggers that may be causing you to engage in unhealthy or unhelpful habits, and it can help you to stay focused on the goal you are trying to achieve. Additionally, tracking habits can give you a sense of satisfaction as you watch your hard work pay off and see the results of your efforts. Finally, it can help you form new, healthier habits as you watch yourself tackle and achieve your goals.

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